Faith In Action Plan

Unfailing Love Christian Church is built on a foundation based on bible scripture found in James 2:17-18, It is the same with faith. I do good works.” Show me your faith that doesn’t do good works. And I will show you my faith by what I do.” We believe that it is imperative for our faith to be proactive. Each action item that our church will pursue will be born out of the Cycle of Purpose Ministry, Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Equipping. Our Ministry (service) will meet the needs of urban communities by establishing food pantries and soup kitchens, shelters for the homeless and safe-high quality low income to moderate income housing. Through Evangelism we will encourage, persuade, and compel men, women, boys and girls to receive the love, hope, peace, and joy that is found in our Lord Savior Jesus Christ. In Worship, we will create an atmosphere where people can come and experience the presence of Lord, through the ministry of music and the preached word of God. Through Fellowship, we will create a community that will find strength in numbers by gathering together for ministry, changing our inner-city communities and encouraging the preservation of the traditional family. Fellowship and community will be fortified through activities such as job fairs, tutoring, and neighborhood watch. Finally we commit to the Equipping of the community through the teaching of the Word of God. Further equipping will be done through other programs as needed such as G.E.D. classes, computer literacy training, and job skills classes.

Meet Pastor Jason & First Lady Janese Barney

Pastor Jason A. Barney, raised in St. Louis, Missouri, received his call to ministry in 2001. Since then, he has worked in the ministry as a Youth and Adult Bible Study Teacher for the campus ministry at Southeast Missouri State University and New Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church. While at New Emmanuel M.B.C., he held the position as Minister of Music for 11 years. Pastor J. Barney has also served as chaplain for St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Hospital and it was here that he carried out his tremendous passion for God’s word and love for God’s people. With a vision from God and a desire to serve the people, a new church was planted, Unfailing Love Christian Church. On February 6, 2011 Unfailing Love Christian Church launched its first official service.

Pastor Barney obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Southeast Missouri State University in 2003. Continuing his education, in 2006 he earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. He is currently taking classes towards his Doctorate at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Pastor Barney has shared marital bliss to his wife Janese of almost 15 years and is a proud father of three beautiful children, Robert, Kyla, and Alana.  In his spare time he loves to listen and play all different styles of music.

With a love of music and the Word, a line from one of his favorite songs simply states, “Falling in Love with Jesus, is the best thing I’ve ever done.” His chosen Scripture to live by comes from 1 Corinthians 13 1-3 which states,

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.  And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.  And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.”

Pastor Barney gives God the Glory for his life, gifts and talent.  In having a close personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his heart’s desire is to share the love that he has found with all.

Thank you for your patience. My bio is coming soon.

About Unfailing Love Christian Church

Unfailing Love Christian Church has been privileged to serve Gods people for 8+ years and we seek to continue pouring our love and spirit throughout the community fo North City St. Louis. Join our pastor, Jason Barney and our church during our afternoon (12PM) worship every Sunday or Wednesday night bible study at 7PM. May God bless you and we hope to fellowship with you soon.

Meet Our Church Teams & Ministries

I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.

1 Corinthians 1:10 NLT

To achieve excellence in providing proactive administrative support to Pastor and leadership of the church so that accountability, effectiveness, efficiencies and performance are optimized. We will provide effective and responsibly manage financial and business support services to Unfailing Love Christian Church tot he best of our professional abilities. We will value all relationships internally and externally to build fellowship with one another.

Raising a Generation of Youth to become Christ-centered leaders in the church and the Community.

Unfailing Love Christian Church AlieNation is our Youth Ministry. This ministry consist of our youth from Grades 6 through Grade 12. AlieNation teaches our young people how to be Christian living in this difficult world with many temptation and obstacles all around them. Each Sunday the youth are given the opportunity to break away from the normal flow of regular service and have their own fellowship/service. In teen church the youth are exposed to lessons that connect with them on their level and then they get a chance to fellowship with each other. Also once a month they are given the opportunity to lead service. On Youth Sundays they get to worship God in their way, through music, dance and other expressions. For more information contact Min, Kevin Webb II and Min. Britt Bruton.


  • Ensure that we are building tomorrow’s church by providing love, acceptance, and friendliness
  • Distribute a schedule to workers and parents of upcoming events
  • Oversee budget and expenditures for the team
  • Be Leader with whom the group comfortable and trust

Prayer & Fellowship Coordinator

  • Assist in the planning and conducting of projects and events

Outreach Coordinator

  • Recruit and coordinate schedules with the Youth and Parents for events
  • Maintain contact with children and parents.
  • Call, visit, or send cards to students on special occasions

Encouragement Coordinator

  • Listen for complaints and compliments from within team. Make efforts to maintain unity

Training Coordinator

  • Conduct special training projects for workers and youth in relationship with the church programs
  • Recommend curriculum and materials for the classes

First Touch Ministry Mission Statement

To create a positive, lasting impression that mirrors the love of Christ. We promise to provide members and guests with a first class worship experience through friendliness, attentiveness and compassion.

First Touch Ministry Descriptions

Administrator: leader appointed to oversee this ministry.

Create schedules for service and outreach events. Ensure on boarding/training of new members is completed. Evaluate and develop procedures and keep supplies stocked

Prayer: Team member assigned to cover members/those serving before and during service. Contact weekly to seek and uplift prayer requests. 

Training Coordinator: Ensure a smooth and effective training/on boarding and shadow experience for new members. Educate on new processes and extend warm welcome to new members. 

Encouragement Coordinator: Extension of Administrator who assists with member engagement

Serving the Body in a Love experience through worship of song, dance and other God given abilities.

ULCC Praise Team Job Descriptions


  • Plan weekly rehearsals to learn new songs and prepare for the upcoming worship event
  • Pray and ask God for ideas to developing the worship service.
  • Work with Pastor and musician for current music and methods of songs
  • Develop Monthly schedule in advance of Sunday and Wednesday worship
  • Coordinate with Church Secretary about an invitation to other church programs  

Prayer & Fellowship Coordinator

  • Continue Prayer for the ministry and the member of the group
  • Help to plan fellowship for team building
  • Begin and End Rehearsal with prayer

Outreach Coordinator

  • Be spokesperson for the ministry in recruiting new member to group
  • Involve as many people as possible

Encouragement Coordinator

  • Look excited and alive for worship
  • Always be uplifting and giving praise to members
  • Backup the leader with words of encouragement for all members to push praise team forward

Training Coordinator

  • Assist the Worship Leader in finding new music and songs
  • Keep informed with the current music
  • Assist in the planning of the monthly schedule
  • Help to teach new songs and parts to members


  • Provides leadership and administration to the Outreach team
  • Recruits and coordinates tasks and duties of team leaders and members
  • Organizes and provides materials for event planning and preparation
  • Delegates responsibility to other leaders to make sure all necessary materials are in good supply and working order
  • Plans 4 Big Events for the church ministry
  • Oversee budget and expenditures for the team
  • Appoint other team leaders with the approval of Pastor Jason.
  • Keep all confidentiality.

Spiritual gifts desired: Administration and Mercy


  • Provides leadership for the team as well as train and recruit new members
  • Be familiar with the Outreach Ministry’s vision and work with the team to execute it
  • Interview people who have completed the Spiritual gift assessment and train in the area where they would best serve, according to their gifts and passions
  • Oversees training of all positions

Spiritual gifts desired: Teaching and Mercy or Administration

Prayer Coordinator:

  • Ensure fellowship, prayer and fun within the team

Spiritual gifts desired: Prophecy

Care Coordinator:

  • Oversee prayer for the spiritual well-being of the team, by counseling and encouraging through phone calls and visits.

Spiritual gifts desired: Encouragement


  • Provides motivation and compassion for the team members and church body
  • Help recruit new team members and be certain those involved are saved

Spiritual gifts desired: Encouragement


  • Responsible for assisting leaders with organizing schedules, contacting team and coordinating with church pastoral staff
  • Help recruit new team members and be certain those involved are saved

Spiritual gifts desired: Helps and Service

Sub Teams:

  1. Event Team Leader
  2. Advertisement Team Leader
  3. Communications Team Leader

The Follow Up Ministry team is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive follow up tracking system and leading volunteer teams designed to ensure a successful church wide follow up system. Follow up Ministry Coordinator will also ensure altar call respondents (for prayer, rededication or first time commitment) receive a successful follow up experience from initial introduction through the process of growing in their faith through the wide variety of resources available.

Leader – Meet regularly with the pastor to plan creative elements for upcoming services and events.  Strategize video, music and lighting ideas that will support the pastor’s sermon.  In charge of church planning and implementing church announcements.  Coordinate all needed actions with other sub teams.  Should arrive 30 minutes before service starts.

Prayer and fellowship – In charge of all social media outlets.  Plans and coordinates marketing scheme for upcoming events.  Conducts prayer before service.  Should arrive 30 minutes before service starts.

Outreach – Responsible for maintaining high quality sound, through the audio equipment available, for Worship team and pastor.  Make sure all sound equipment is connected properly.  Work closely with worship leader in keeping equipment and singers in proper range.  Prepare sermon audio file.  Shut down all equipment at the end of service.  Should arrive 30 minutes before service starts.

Encouragement – To enhance the service/event by providing visual elements through the use of projection. Coordinate with creative team to prepare visually pleasing imagery for device elements.  Keep all equipment in good working condition.  Inform team leader of broken equipment.  Shut equipment down at the end out service.  Should arrive 30 minutes before service starts.

Teaching/training – Responsibility to maintain and update the church website on a weekly basis.  Responsible for running live stream for service and other events.  Give trainings when needed on website, equipment, etc. Next in charge if leader is out.  Should arrive 30 minutes before service starts.


The person called to this position will encourage women of all ages to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through learning, sharing, and serving. This person will provide discipleship and leadership development, oversee and encourage Women’s Ministries, identify spiritual gifts, and come alongside relational and fun event. This person will be prayerful, a servant leader, a team player and a gracious encourager.

This is a Daily position with Unfailing Love Christian Church to overall coordination of church-wide Women’s Ministries activities. The weekly hours of this position may vary due to events in the church calendar.


  1. Help to identify, build and foster participation in existing and future Women’s Ministries
  2. Delegate, train and support women in leadership of Women’s Ministry groups
  3. Coordinate Women’s Bible Studies, Sunday School Classes and disciple-making groups
  4. Act as liaison to pastoral staff
  1. Attend monthly Leadership meetings
  2. Participate in planning the Annual Women’s Ministry calendar/programs/events/retreats including participating in an annual Women’s Prayer Retreat
  3. Document Bible Studies/retreats/events with program details for record-keeping purposes including budget impact
  4. Keep in regular contact with Communications Director for updating ULCC website and social media promotion
  5. Track weekly hours by ministry area to review and assess how time was utilized


  • Strong delegation skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Be able to relate to women of all ages
  • Have a heart for women and desire to have women grow in their faith and to see women connect with each other
  • To stand by Unfailing Core Values and Statement of Purpose

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